Recommendations for installing paving slabs

Як обрати якісну тротуарну плитку

1) The first stage of the process of laying paving slabs is the preparation of the project, which should contain:     - dimensions of the paving area;     - determination of load on the surface;     - drainage conditions (longitudinal and transverse slopes);     - type of tile and its configuration, colors and quantity, paving plan and installation method. 2) Thickness and type    pavement    tiles     is selected    in     dependencies   from     load   on her.  h=3 cm and  h=4 cm  for the pedestrian zone,  for  cars  h=5 cm  and  more. 3) The territory is planned, slopes for water drainage are determined.   4) The site on which the pavers are installed is leveled and compacted with a vibratory rammer, roller. 5) Crushed stone is poured onto the  compacted  soil. pillow   thickness   from   15 cm   (crushed stone   fr 20-40, wedged with crushed stone fr 5-10) and compacted. If the pavement is subject to heavy traffic, then the  crushed  fraction and the thickness of the cushion should be increased, concreting of the base is also possible.  Everything  depends on the technical project. 6) The  crushed  floor is covered with up to 3 cm of  screening or  washed  sand.  This  layer  levels the  surface  and   wedges a crushed stone pillow. 7) Paving tiles are mounted on the prepared base, the seams between the tiles should be sprinkled with washed sand. 8) The seam (indent) between adjacent tiles acts as a   shock absorber, when the   is loaded or   frozen, the tile   moves   (plays).  If  laying  pavers  too tightly, then in the process of  exploitation  chips on the edges and corners of concrete elements are possible. 9) In case of insufficient sealing  or lack of drainage (in the form of slopes and trays)  the base  will sag,  the load vector shifts, the tile abuts the  upper  part  one against the  one  and   is chipped. Depending on the loads or the looseness of the soil, the technical conditions change.  And  remember,   that violation of paving technology leads to damage of concrete elements, instability of the surface, rapid   wearing.  Responsibility  for     technology   styling   carries   paver   pavement   tiles.